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In brief, we are a group of engineering graduates who never thought would end up beginning a design agency. The root of Blacklight Studios is our interest and passion for creative content creation. Our main aim behind this inception is to bridge the vast gap between a media company and the people. We wish to be like a “friendly neighbourhood” creative agency which people can approach with ease and get professional quality designs made.

We are exactly what you see. We are fresh and energetic enthusiasts who are really excited to create content for other brands. Because that’s what we love the most. We try to make designs better than our previous ones. By doing this, we ensure our quality keeps increasing until there is no room for improvement; sky’s not the limit, MIND is. 

Blacklight Studios is very special to us. We hope we make our clients feel the same. Oh, almost forgot – we are gen – Z !

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We make strategically crafted videos that move your clients from being skeptics to acquaintances.

Blacklight Studios work by the phrase – “love the process; not just the end result”. We help design a better future by constant evolution, finding new and better ways to stay connected with your clients. We learn who you are, how you operate, what your viewers want to see, and ultimately create content that makes you look awesome. Your company believes you and you can believe us.

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A group of approachable and good humoured experts who care about what they do.

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